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Emma Moughabghab
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A course designed to provide rigorous training in reading comprehension, synthesis, critiquing, and research skills. Although ENGL 204 builds on many of the skills learned in ENGL 203, it differs in that it encourages more advanced independent research as well as writing and discussion in relation to a variety of issues across the curriculum. Prerequisite: 570+ on the EEE or 657+ on the TOEFL (283+ on the CBT or 116+ on the IBT) or ENGL 203. This course does not count toward graduation for students in FEA. Each semester.

ENGL 204 38 39

Adv Academic English

Course CRN: 21492

Term Spring
Days TR
Time 8:00 am - 9:15 am
Location PHYS 333
Enrolled 23/23

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Attribute English Communication Skills
Prerequisites ENGL 203


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